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El Desafio – Costa Rica 15228
Aprocassi – Peru 15228

Ruhororo – Burundi


This coffee from Burundi tastes like heaven! The washing station is called Ruhororo – easy to pronounce, right? The coffee is very sweet, with light acidity and a big mouthfeel. The taste notes are very complex with notes of sweet chocolate, muscovado sugar and plums. When it cools down you’ll get taste notes of cherries, rose hips and coconut.



  • Country: Burundi
  • Region: Kayanza
  • Washing station: Ruhororo
  • Variety: Bourbon
  • Processing: Fully washed (double)
  • MASL: 1650-1850 masl
  • Harvest: Juni-July  2019
  • Taste: Sweet and complex, big mouthfeel. Muscovado sugar, sweet chocolate and plums.


Du kunne også overveje..


When a washed coffee is not just washed

The Kayanza Province is located in the northern part of Burundi on the border with Rwanda. The areas environment is very similar to each other, and both countries cultivate Bourbon as their most frequent variant. We should find that coffee from the two countries also tastes very similar, and there are certainly similarities, but still they taste quite different. The explanation for this is predominantly the processing. In Burundi, you typically work with what is called ‘double-washed processing’, where both the dry and the wet fermentation is longer than normal.

It’s pretty nerdy, but the point is that the Burundi method provides a coffee with more mouthfeel. The inspiration for the method comes from Kenya, where Rwanda is probably more inspired by Ethiopia. If you want to know even more about the coffee, you should check out the latest blog post about the coffee – you do it right here.

Our new friends from Cup-A-Lot have helped us get hold of this coffee. It is a new collaboration and it’s the first time that we buy a coffee through them. They act and think just like us – full transparency, focus on collaboration and the small farmers need to be treated properly! This coffee is traded at the washing station at a FOB price of $ 5.33 per. kg, which is approx. 2.5 times over the then C-market price.

In our Transperency Report we have written in depth about what we do for sustainability and transparency.


Good coffee starts with fresh beans. The beans must be of high quality and gently roasted, so that the sweetness and the flavor of the beans are preserved. Our coffees are from micro lots all over the world, carefully selected and gently roasted to the bright side. We omni-roast all our coffees so you can brew them exactly as you prefer.

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