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Comicovel – Honduras


Comicovel from Honduras is our take in an all-round coffee: Flavour clarity, certified organic and Fairtrade.

2019 is the first year that Comicovel is able to export certified FTO coffee and for the farmers it means increased earnings as they simply get a higher payment for their hard work.

Here you get notes of sweet honey that are rounded off with pleasant lemon-like acidity. Completely transparent in the taste – and you can brew it just the way you prefer: From French press and filter coffee machines to semi-automatic and full-automatic espresso machines. It is exactly the kind of coffee we like – and we are sure that everyone you serve it for will agree.


  • Origin: Honduras
  • Region: Opalaca
  • Washing station: Comicovel
  • Variety: Lempira, Catuaí
  • Processing: Washed
  • Altitude: 1500 masl
  • Harvest: December 2018 – March 2019
  • Taste: Notes of sweet honey are rounded off with pleasant and light acidity.


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The Comicovel cooperative—Cooperativa Mixta Cosecha Verde Limitada—in San Juan Intibucá is comprised of smallholder producers who farm coffee organically with a focus on overall environmental sustainability. The co-op is the product of Catholic Relief Services’ Blue Harvest Project, which improves agroforestry management on farms throughout Central America and is headed by Carlos Guevara and Wendall Erazo. To date, Blue Harvest has helped 1400 producers transform their farms into ecosystems that protect the forest and its freshwater sources. All producers in the project far, organically and sought to earn more for their additional work.


Comicovel came into being specifically to bring together the Blue Harvest Project farmers who invested time and energy into improving their farms. The co-op was formed in 2016 and exported its first coffee in 2018. 2019 is the first year that the Comicovel can export with both Fairtrade and Organic certifications, which will earn producers premiums to continue the organic farming and ecosystem preservation that protects freshwater sources.


Comicovel’s members’ properties are located in the Opalaca mountain ranges across the Intibuca and Lempira Departments. The dry mountains are generally planted with pine trees, which was a special focus of the co-op and the water management project. Producers process coffee using their basic depulping and fermentation infrastructures. Most have wooden hoppers for cherries with a concrete tank for fermentation. Coffee is fermented in the tanks for 18-24 hours and washed in washing channels. Most farmers dry their own coffee on concrete patios or sometimes also on raised beds in greenhouses for 14-20 days. The coop has worked with these farmers for many years and provided technical assistance to increase productivity on the farms.



Good coffee starts with freshly roasted beans. The beans must be of high quality and roasted gently as to preserve the sweetness and the innate flavours in the bean. Our coffees come from micro lots from all over the world. Carefully selected and gently profile roasted to the brighter side. We omni-roast all coffees so you can brew them just the way you prefer.

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