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Ruhororo – Burundi 15228

Aprocassi – Peru


We fell in love with this coffee when it was on our cupping table because of its great honeylike sweetness and fruity orange taste – and the love is still there!


  • Country: Peru
  • Region: San Ignacio
  • Washing station: Cooperativa De Servicious Multiples Aprocassi
  • Varieties: Caturra, Bourbon, Catimore
  • Processing: Fully washed
  • MASL: 1000-2200 masl
  • Harvest: November 2019
  • Taste: Clean, ripe and sweet oranges and honeylike sweetness


Du kunne også overveje..



This coffee is the result of our new collaboration with the Algrano platform. This is an online platform, where small farmers from around the world can sell their coffee to roasters around the world. Algrano manage the exports, shipping, insurance and finance. They do this fully transparent and we still by the coffee directly at the farm. Everything is shipped together to ensure full containers. This is a great way for the small farmers to be able to reach roasters around the world without having the means to handle everything themselves.

The Aprocassi Cooporative

Aprocassi was founded in 2000 and is a great example of the fantastic evolvement Peruvian coffee has undergone within the last couple of years. Aprocassi has focused their efforts on getting higher quality in a sustainable and ethical way.

Even though this coffee unlike the coffees we normally is a mix of several varitals, we loved the taste and the work that the Aprocassi corporate is doing, and we wanted to support this project.

As many cooporates in Peru Aprocassi has switched completely to being certified organic, and they have been able to do this and still produce high quality coffees.


Good coffee starts with fresh beans. The beans must be of high quality and gently roasted, so that the sweetness and the flavor of the beans are preserved. Our coffees are from micro lots all over the world, carefully selected and gently roasted to the bright side. We omni-roast all our coffees so you can brew them exactly as you prefer.

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