Good coffee is not random

We pay more for less because the value of quality is an investment in the unique knowledge and work associated with creating the best there is. The fact that specialty coffee tastes so different from consumer coffee means that we will always seek quality, not quantity.

Quality control with weekly measurements of green and roasted beans, as well as cupping of recent production batches is part of our DNA. We stay sharp by presenting and brewing our coffee ourselves at cafes and coffee shops that use our coffee, and at World of Coffee events on a regular basis.

The brewing gear we use and sell has been carefully selected, and at CleverCoffee you only find products of the highest quality. This is because we know that you get the best coffee experience when you brew our specialty coffee with world-class equipment.

World class specialty coffee

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We work exclusively with the most interesting coffee producers in the world. We buy our green beans directly from the farmer or through socially aware and skilled importers such as Nordic Approach and Ally Coffee who, with great professionalism, add value in the form of knowledge about better production and organic initiatives while always having the best interest of the coffee farmer in mind. Simply, we feel that this is the right way to do business.

We taste more than 40 different coffees every single month, but only a few coffees make the cut and become one of our coffees. All coffees are selected for their unique and exciting characteristics, and you can be sure that our selection always reflects the huge variation in flavor found in the world of coffee.

Photo: Jeppe Dahl-Østergaard