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CleverCoffee is a coffee roastery based near Aarhus, Denmark. Our coffees come from micro lots all over the world, carefully selected and gently profile-roasted to the lighter side with our unique way of roasting. This accentuates the sweetness and the individual taste nuances in the bean. We omni-roast all coffees so you can brew them just the way you prefer.

We work exclusively with the most interesting coffee producers in the world. We buy our green beans directly from the farmer or through socially aware and skilled importers who always have the best interest of the coffee farmer in mind. For us this is the only way to do business.

We taste more than 40 different coffees every single month, but only a few coffees make the cut and become one of our coffees. All coffees are selected for their unique and exciting characteristics, and you can be sure that our subscription service always reflects the huge variation in flavor found in the world of coffee.


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We source our coffees direct from the farm

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This months coffee

Ceiba from Guatamala

Ceiba is a sweet and balanced specialty coffee that gives a nice freshness with taste of milk chocolate, orange and vanilla.

This is an easy-to-drink coffee that everyone likes, while it contains a large complexity, where new taste notes are clearly expressed if you let the coffee cool down a little.


Origin: Guatemala // Region: Huehuetenango // Washing station: Ceiba //
Varietals: Caturra, Bourbon, Typica // Process: Washed // Altitude: 1350 masl // Harvest: Early 2018